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Small Groups

Small groups meet on Sundays. Currently the elders and evangelist lead our small groups and they meet in five different homes. A small group is a gathering of anywhere from five to twenty people who meet regularly for Bible study, prayer and the sharing of lives.

Why should I be a part of a small group?
Small groups allow you to:

1. Develop close relationships with other Christians
2. Study the Bible as it applies to life
3. Grow in your spiritual journey
4. Pray and be prayed for at a personal level
5. Share your faith in a non threatening environment with others who may be seeking God.

What happens at a small group meeting?
The specific content may vary from group to group, but all group meetings include three elements: Bible study, prayer and the sharing of lives. Many groups eat together and enjoy times of fellowship activities.  

For more Small group information, please contact the Philo Road Church office at 217.344.1659 to find out topics and locations of small groups.

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