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If it’s your first time at Philo Road Church of Christ, we want you to feel genuinely welcome. 

Bible Classes for All Ages 9:00 am Sundays

It doesn’t matter about your background, race, ethnicity or economic status, you’ll be welcomed here. We want to help you discover Jesus in an open environment that is safe for those with questions about faith and all kinds of life struggles. At 9:45 we offer about 20 minutes of open fellowship (and donuts) in the assembly area. Our worship service begins at 10:05 and lasts about an hour.

Morning Assembly 10:00 am Sundays

During the worship service, we offer a nursery for children up to age 2. There is also a "Bible Time" class for 2-7 year olds during the message portion of the service.

Our services include a cappella, or “voices only” singing, and our services are led by men of the church. We have a weekly practice of communion. This is a time to reflect on what the death of Jesus means to us as Christians. We practice "open communion" and invite baptized believers of Jesus to participate with us. 

Another weekly practice is taking an offering. If you would like to join us, please feel free to participate; however it is not expected. 

Finally, part of our service is a weekly message from our evangelist. He will use the Bible to teach important truths, especially how we can live our everyday lives to reflect Jesus.   

One big question about church is always, "What do I wear?" At Philo Road we are a diverse church family and are blessed by visitors. The diversity of the church is reflected in what our members wear; you will see some people in formal attire and some in casual dress.  Just be yourself, we are more interested in your presence than what you are wearing. 

Sunday evening is our small group time and we do not meet at the building. We have several groups meeting in various locations and times in the greater Champaign/Urbana area. Please ask any member if you want more information on these informal settings for Bible studies and fellowship.

Our small groups meet on Sunday evenings in various homes and times. Currently our small groups are led by our elders and evangelist.  Please ask any member if you want more information on these informal settings for Bible studies and fellowship. 

Wednesday Services 6:00 pm

We gather on Wednesday evening to enjoy a prepared meal, fellowship and Bible study. All are welcome to attend.  We have prayer and then share in our meal at 6:00. We enjoy fellowship while we eat, and then at 6:45 we have classes for children and adults until 7:30. We often are at the building visiting with each other until 8:00. Please come and join us.

Small Groups

Small groups meet on Sundays. Currently the elders and evangelist lead our small groups and they meet in five different homes. A small group is a gathering of anywhere from five to twenty people who meet regularly for Bible study, prayer and the sharing of lives.

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