Below are a list of missions supported in part by the Philo Road Church of Christ.

Biblical Institute of Central America (BICA)

BICA has a preacher training school in Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.  Jesus emphasized the PREACHING of the GOSPEL.  His first words of PREACHING were in Mark 1:15… the kingdom of God is at hand; REPENT ye, and BELIEVE in the GOSPEL.  His last words in Mark 16:15,16… Go into ALL the world, and PREACH the GOSPEL, to the WHOLE CREATION.  He that BELIEVETH and is BAPTIZED shall be SAVED.  See Col. 1:23… continue in the FAITH, grounded and steadfast, and not moved away from the hope of the GOSPEL, which was PREACHED in ALL CREATION under heaven.  They did it. Let’s do it, too.  

Caring for Kenya (CfK)

Philo Road is the sponsoring congregation for Caring for Kenya. As CfK meets physical needs we create opportunities to meet spiritual needs. We share God’s love through teaching people how to raise more food, funding the secondary school education of students, providing medical supplies, bring clean water by drilling water sells, and funding community development start-up businesses.  All donations are tax deductible.

From the initial relationship between a few people in central Illinois and a Kenyan Airman 23 years ago, CfK has grown to include congregations from 7 states and over 200 individuals and families from 23 states.  Over the last 19 years individuals representing CfK have made 14 trips to Kenya. In Kenya, 12 men have been trained to preach, Bible class teachers have been equipped, and 10 congregations have been established with over 400 adults and children attending.  Preachers continue to be trained at Nairobi Great Commission School.

Illinois State Fair Evangelism

Exhibit evangelism at the Illinois State Fair is a cooperative effort of the churches of Christ. The exhibit each year is seen by over 100,000 people. Each year 200 to 400 people enroll in Bible Correspondence Courses. The exhibit is designed for both children and adults. Exhibit workers and visitors enjoy having a devotional on the steps of the Illinois State Capitol one evening each year during the fair and conduct a Sunday worship service at the Illinois Building.

Shults Lewis Child and Family Services

Shults-Lewis Child and Family Services is a dynamic treatment program for struggling teens and their families. Trained Christian couples provide a stable home for the teens, as well as counseling services for the teens and their families. Shults-Lewis has an Indiana State accredited private Christian high school onsite for the teens to earn state recognized credit or a diploma. Parent training seminars are offered on Saturdays both onsite and at congregations throughout the Midwest. Shults-Lewis’ mission is to respond with God’s love to serve and strengthen children and families.

Campus Ministry (Illini for Christ)

College students from Parkland College and the University of Illinois, both within the community of Champaign/Urbana are a part of our church family. Students participate in Bible studies, devotionals, retreats, and relationship building social activities. Families in the congregation provide a home away from home in the “adopt a student” program.  

Prison Ministry

Members of the congregation write letters to prisoners and offer 
World Bible School correspondence courses.  Some church members visit those incarcerated within the prison system.  When prisoners are released assistance is provided in helping them find housing and employment.  

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